10 Reasons to Shop Locally in Salisbury

10 Reasons to Shop Locally in Salisbury

When people vocally and actively protest against large big-brand stores settling in their communities, they do so for many reasons. One primary reason is to prevent the erosion of local business diversity.

Here is a quick exercise for you. Do a search on "big-brand store" complaint or "big-brand store" protest. Add nearly any big brand store with which you are familiar. In most cases, you will be presented with thousands of reasons why people fight the establishment of these sprawling stores in their local communities.

One of the most effective ways to address the big-brand store issue is to spend your money at local community shops and your local market. Below, you will find ten great reasons for doing business with local merchants in your community.

  1. Friendlier Customer Service

    People who work for smaller businesses are usually under a lot less stress than their big brand counterparts. This usually makes for friendlier, more helpful employees. The owners of small businesses are also generally more accessible and more responsive when it comes to customer service issues.

  2. More Enjoyable Shopping Experience

    Small local stores and shops are more likely to have limited items, one-of-a-kind items, and valuable discontinued items. People often take pride in showing off their unique shopping discoveries. In comparison, many larger stores focus only on maintaining inventories of the latest mass-produced items.

    Also, if you have an aversion to crowds and chaos, small local stores can offer a more pleasant and relaxed shopping experience. Shorter lines and less stress can make local shopping a worthwhile endeavor.

  3. Relationship Building

    Shopping locally gives you the opportunity to build relationships with the owners and employees. This has the potential of making your shopping trips more interesting and personalized.

    Another great benefit is having a ready network of fellow business owners if you currently operate or plan to operate your own business. When is the last time you were able to build a relationship with the general manager at one of the big-box stores?

  4. Local Community Support

    The money you spend with your local merchants is often re-circulated back into the local economy. These same merchants often shop and do business with other community businesses.

    Local shopping also generates greater profits which gives small business owners the ability to offer better pricing and greater ranges of products and services.

  5. Creates Additional Jobs

    Increased patronage from local shoppers can result in additional jobs for the community. Higher employment rates benefit the community at several levels and invigorates local tax bases.

  6. Local Charity Support

    Local community business owners are more likely to donate to local charity and non-profit organizations. In turn, these charities are able to offer more services to the community.

  7. Sporting Event Sponsorships

    Many small local businesses participate in youth sporting events sponsorships as a way of giving back to the community and to help establish their brand. These sponsored sporting events create excellent diversions for community youth.

  8. Healthier Competitive Environment

    The establishment of big-brand stores in a community generally creates competitive bias in the local marketplace. Their ability to offer low, cut-rate pricing often causes hardship for small business owners.

    Ironically, the low prices offered by these huge stores are often outweighed by the negative impact on local businesses and the local community. Shopping locally helps maintain a more natural and competitive marketplace.

  9. Respect for Human Rights

    If you have issues with the adverse conditions under which third-world laborers of mega corporations work, shopping at local businesses allows you to express your opinion through your spending. Even local people who work for these mega-stores voice complaints about working conditions, pay, and benefits.

  10. Healthier Organic Food

    Generally, the most trusted source of organic foods and beverages are the small food stores and local growers. Most individuals who start these type businesses have a passion for distributing healthy foods. Often, profit is not their primary motivation. Mega supermarkets don't share this characteristic. For these larger stores, it's generally all about profit.

    Quality foods are especially important if you are at all bothered by the detrimental effects of processed foods and marginally researched food additives. These local growers and grocers are one of the few remaining options for large varieties of fresh, organic foods.

As you can see, when you choose to shop local, you help to strengthen the integrity of the entire local community. Start shopping at your local businesses today and be part of the community re-vitalization effort.

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