Why It Has Become Necessary to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Why It Has Become Necessary to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

A shift has occurred in today’s society. The way humanity communicates and exchanges information has drastically changed. The previous shift was when the Internet came along. Now, the Internet is in the palm of our hands and the tips of our fingers. Today is the age of the smartphone.

The smartphone has taken the world by storm. It has become the new norm for people of all ages. Nowadays, any given person in the entire world has access to the Internet from wherever they are. This has brought a change to society, but it has also brought a change to Internet marketing. With a huge percentage of people accessing your website from their smartphones, it would also be a huge mistake to not have your website be mobile-friendly.

Recent studies have shown that mobile friendly websites differ greatly from websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. In a series of studies conducted by Google, it was found that 72% of web surfers expect any given website to be mobile-friendly and a whopping 96% have unexpectedly found these websites to be not mobile-friendly. A great percentage of a person’s Internet surfing time is done on a cell phone, so this is no surprise.

Not only do surfers expect mobile friendly websites, they also heavily prefer them. A mobile-friendly website could be the difference between profit and loss. In fact, 61% of participants in the study said that they’d take their business elsewhere if a website wasn’t mobile-friendly. And 67% said that they would be more inclined to spend their money on a website if it was mobile-friendly. Mobile friendly websites are practically turning users into customers, as Google has pointed out.

Because of this, not having your website be mobile-friendly could greatly hurt your website’s reputation. In separate studies, 48%, 36%, and 52% of users felt extremely negative emotions and thoughts about a brand or company if their website wasn’t mobile-friendly. Simply put, the risks are too great to take and the rewards are too good to miss.

It may seem like a minuscule problem at first, but when you realize how much of a difference it could make, making your website mobile-friendly could amplify your website’s output tenfold. It’s the little things like this that keep customers coming back to your brand, and with a mobile-friendly website, your relationship with your customers will become even stronger.

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