Award winning Content Management System Launched Metadas CMS

Metadas Media has now launched a new version of their award winning Content Management System (Metadas CMS).

Having looked at how the internet has changed over the past few years and the new rules, requirements and laws it was determined that the CMS System should be updated to meet these requirement.

New Equality Laws used to be Disability Discrimination Act and how this would impact your designs / programming.

New Functionality to the content management allow the site administrators to have full control over their sites content and become less reliable on external sites/systems.

Ability for you or your search engine optimisation team to optimise your site from within the CMS.

Alot of these changes have had a major impact on the CMS, Making it quick and easier for content management, search engine optimisation and the law requirement to be at your fingertips.

Contact us for a Demostration of the CMS or more information.

Published by Das Candler on

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"Darren created our web site quickly, cost effectively and made it easy to add content. His CMS system is highly effective for delivering needed content."
"I have worked with many web developers over the years and Das is by far the most talented web developer I have worked with to date. He will always go above and beyond for his clients, and relishes a great project which will challenge him. His ideas and capabilities continue to floor me - is there nothing this guy can do! His content management system is by far the most advanced and flexible system I have found and amazing value for money. I would highly recommend it. It allows you complete control over the content of your site and more importantly it is secure. The support service behind the system is also second to none. He is a very talented developer and has been a trusted friend for many years"
"Metadas make the impossible possible, I have worked with Metadas for several years and have always found them to be innovative, efficient, friendly and extremely helpful. They have developed a fantastic web site for me twice and on both occasions, have delivered a site that has incredible flexibility, is totally and fully updateable and has revolutionary new capabilities. I can thoroughly recommend their creativity, technical expertise, and the fact that they NEVER say no to anything I require, even if it seems impossible they make it possible."